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Connect to all Office 365 services

Connect to and manage all Office 365 services including Compliance Center, Exchange Online, SharePoint and Skype for Business. Connect to multiple, all, or a single Office 365 service. O365 Admin Center will automatically switch the tab to the first service you connect to. If you only connect to Exchange Online, O365 Admin Center will automatically switch to that tab.

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Connect to all your tenants

With multi-tenant functionality, admins can connect to all of their clients with a single login. Quickly jump from client to client, managing each one independently. After disconnecting from a client, O365 Admin Center will automatically connect back to the main partner account where you can continue to manage the partner account or connect to another tenant to manage.

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Lot of amazing and cool features

Encrypted Sessions

Each and every Office 365 session is fully encrypted. Usernames and passwords are never stored.

Advanced Reporting

Full library of different reports are available out of the box to be ran on any Office 365 environment. Gather activesync device reports, mail malware reports, traffic reports, license reports and a whole lot more

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Automatically caches items like Display Names, User Principal Names, SharePoint sites and more upon initial logon allowing quicker administration for admins.

Pass-Through Commands

O365 Admin Center allows admins to enter in their own PowerShell commands. Simply type commands into the results text-box and either press “Enter” or select the “Run Command” button and O365 Admin Center will automatically pass the command to the Office 365 Session with the results displayed back in the results text-box.

Endless management and administration

Over 350 tasks to run ranging from generating reports, configuring clutter, and managing mailbox permissions to managing Skype for Business policies.


We’ve got a lot of features, here are some more

Auto Updates

Auto check for updates upon application launch. Manually check for updates or even disable auto update check.

Public Folders

View all Public Folders, get public folder stats and detailed information, modify Public Folder permissions, quota, sub-folders and more.

Transport Rules

Create and Delete Transport Rules, get detailed Transport Rule information, view disabled and enabled Transport Rules, modify a Transport Rules priority and more. O365 Admin Center comes with a collection of useful transport rules admins can implement out of the box.

Message Trace

Find failed messages, all recent messages and messages in-between certain dates. Get messages to a specific recipient as well as from a specific sender.

Auto Login

For Administrators that only have a single or few Office 365 accounts they manage, O365 Admin Center has the ability to remember saved credentials (encrypted) and auto-login to the account upon launch. No more entering in usernames and passwords over and over again.

Mailbox Content

Get all mailbox content from a specific user, or a group of users. O365 Admin Center also grants an admin the ability to delete a users mailbox content.


O365 Admin Center supports accounts that use second-factor authentication.

ActiveSync Devices

Get a detailed report on all ActiveSync devices each and every user has configured with Office 365.

Out of Office Reply

Create and disable Out of Office replies for users. Specify the start date, end date and Out of Office message.


We’ve got affordable pricing packages


No support
Includes executable and installer
Free updates
Library of reports included in the application
Forums access
Multi-Tenant functionality


Includes support
Includes executable and installer
Free updates
Library of reports included in the application
Forums access
Multi-Tenant functionality
Premium support for all issues


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