O365 Admin Center


Are there any pre-reqs?

Yes, the application will check automatically for you as you connect to each service. Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business all require a module to be installed first. If O365 Admin Center does not detect the module is installed it will prompt you with a download link. You must have at least PowerShell v3 and Execution Policy must be set to Remote Signed or Unrestricted.

For 2FA Users you will need the following:

Do I get an executable and installer?

Yes, when you buy O365 Admin Center you will get a portable executable and an installer.

Can I enter in my own command if I do not see it?

Yes, you can enter any command you'd like by typing it into the text box. This is the same text box you see the results at. O365 Admin Center will pass any custom commands entered there and pass it through to Office 365. The results will be displayed on the same text box.

Are updates free?

Yes, all updates are free forever. The application will check automatically for a new version on application launch. You can check manually as well by going to Help>Updates

Does O365 Admin Center support 2FA

Yes! It was released in v4.1.0.0

I tried to download again but I am getting an error that I have reached my download limit. How can I download it again

Just e-mail us at support@o365admin.center and we can look up the order number and re-issue the downloads.

Do you offer any 501C3 Discounts to non-profits?

Of course! Just e-mail support@o365admin.center and we can help you out!

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